Product Features

Complete multilingual solution

integrated with Sharepoint

to optimize the creation

and maintenance of

multilingual websites

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The best multilingual solution for Sharepoint, period.

The fastest multilingual solution

The most extensive range of features

The most powerful filtering engine

The most efficient multilingual solution

10 times faster than other multilingual solutions

By reaching a speed 10 times greater than competing software, Translasio is without a doubt the fastest solution to manage multilingual content in Sharepoint.

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A wide range of features, all included in a single package.

Translasio is the multilingual solution with the most essential features, compared to competing solutions in which certain features are provided on an optional basis.

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Powerful calendar event filtering based on the user’s language

Translasio has an ultra-powerful filtering engine that can filter the user’s calendar events according to their language, without any additional component.

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A reduced impact on servers which optimizes the solution’s speed and performance.

Translasio is the solution with the most negligible impact on server performance. It ensures that users’ speeds and working comfort are maintained. It transfers their information without slowing down.

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Competitive advantages

Legend: P (Partial) – O (Optional)

PointFire Oceanik Translasio
Filtering of list items X X X
Targeted web parts X X X
Translation of dropdown lists P P X
Translation of lookup field X
Filtering of calendar events X
Filtering of Content Query Web Part with no added components X
Hierarchical dictionaries X X
Light – Minimal impact on servers X
Fast – No user-perceived loss of performance X
Minor and major upgrades included P P X
Technical support included O O X