About Translasio

Thanks to Codilynx’s technical and operational expertise, they can partner with companies to meet the most ambitious challenges by:

  • Improving collaboration and communication with customers and partners, as well as within the company by;
  • Increasing their sales and opening new markets;
  • Increasing the company’s productivity and performance;
  • Saving time and money.

Codilynx partners alongside companies and supports them all the way from the project definition phase through implementation:

  • The IT project scoping phase includes a needs analysis, a project feasibility study, an impact study, the tools required, a timetable and the costs.
  • As part of the Project Management Support, Codilynx’s specialists will adapt business or technical communication to the customer’s needs so that the solution helps to achieve the company’s business objectives.
  • During the project, technical and operational experts will design profitable, scalable turnkey solutions, and integrate them into the business.

A product that meets your expectations

It’s in the spirit of helping companies improve and optimize their organization’s performance that Codilynx, a certified Microsoft partner, created Translasio, a solution designed to make creating and operating multilingual sites easier to do in Sharepoint.

Translasio is a product designed by the expert SharePoint architects and developers at Technologies CodiLynx Inc.

The Codilynx architects and experts have developed a tool in Sharepoint that can translate dynamic and static content on the fly. This stands out quite remarkably from the competing software.

This solution’s performance is unmatched. First of all, it’s the fastest, most powerful tool on the market, with a more negligible impact on servers than the competition. Translasio includes more basic features than other solutions, and offers others on an optional basis. Furthermore, only Translasio has an engine powerful enough to filter any content without needing to add any additional components into the pages. And don’t forget that with Translasio, you don’t need to manage a separate site per language.

Translasio is an innovative solution that fulfills Codilynx’s objective: to optimize business efficiency and simplify work for the users.

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  • 10X faster
  • Expanded features
  • The most powerful filtering engine
  • The most efficient multilingual solution