What are the benefits?

10X faster

Translasio is 10 times faster to use than other Sharepoint multilingual solutions!

Expanded features

Translasio includes all major features in a simple comprehensive version.

The most powerful filtering engine

Only Translasio can filter events in the user’s calendar according to their language.

The most efficient multilingual solution

Due to its negligible impact on servers, Translasio users experience no loss of performance.

Translasio, the best multilingual solution for Sharepoint.

  • Translasio is a fast solution, with a negligible impact on servers. Because of this, users experience no loss of performance.

  • Translasio is a powerful tool that manages content and document language directly in Sharepoint, without the need to create a site for each language.

  • Translasio includes all the key features plus more additional features than the competing solutions.

  • Only Translasio has a powerful enough filter to be able to sort calendar events based on the user’s language.

What our customers say

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Jane Doe

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DEV plan


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  • 1 year maintenance and
    technical support plan
    production environment
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PROD plan


  • 1 starting license
  • 1 year maintenance and
    technical support plan
  • WITH
    production environment
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Our renewal plans



  • 1 year maintenance and
    technical support plan
  • Answer within 72h
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  • 1 year maintenance and
    technical support plan/li>
  • Answer within 4h
  • Email and phone support

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